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Our initiatives in 2020

Stadspiratie: 1,130 ideas for Brussels

Stadspiratie, that means inspiration from and for the city. The inspiration comes from you, residents of Brussels. Participation means “working together to build society”. You become involved as a citizen or organisation and actively work together to think about what should be done in Brussels. Your ideas inspire our policy.

The project changed my view of Brussels. I walked through the city in a different way. I saw new challenges presenting themselves everywhere, and I also saw new opportunities everywhere. It is nice that we were listened to and could contribute our voice. It is far from straightforward for a citizen to be able to help shape policy. Let alone as a newcomer.
Hatice Merve Kiraç – newcomer/student


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Staycation BXL: on holiday in your own city
Drie kinderen spelen met een ton en tuinslangen waar water uitkomt.
© Kenzo Van Cotthem

Staycation BXL: on holiday in your own city

The summer of 2020 looked quite different for many people. More Brussels residents stayed home. The VGC therefore called upon organisations to provide a fantastic staycation, a holiday in their own city.
Bruss-it makes neighbourhoods more dynamic
© (Reporters)

Bruss-it makes neighbourhoods more dynamic

Strong projects that participate on “building community in shared space” and smart use of space have been able to receive up to 15,000 euros in Bruss-it subsidies for the past four years.
The Brussels consultation round: schools take the floor
© Christian Smits

The Brussels consultation round: schools take the floor

18 school teams from the Dutch-speaking schools in Brussels engaged in dialogue with the VGC college member responsible for Education. Together, they reflected on the future of education in Brussels and made a series of recommendations.
Multilingualism in school

Multilingualism in school

Helping to improve the Dutch skills of pupils who have a different mother tongue, training multilingual students and supporting teams of teachers. Language and multilingualism is one of the most important topics on which the Onderwijscentrum Brussel (Brussels Education Centre, or OCB) of the VGC is working.
© Lies Engelen

Child care remains open during lockdown

Last year the child care staff have done a fantastic job and worked very hard. Initially, there was a great deal of uncertainty. The guidelines kept changing very fast, and the day care centre staff had to react flexibly, creatively and quickly. 

In Brussels, a lot of families with young children spent lockdown in an apartment. In order to meet their needs, we came up with the idea of opening up the outdoor spaces at the Elmer non-profit association. That way, children could play outside safely. The demand from parents proved huge and they were enormously grateful. It is therefore nice to know that in these difficult times, we were able to offer something meaningful to Brussels families.
Anne Lambrechts – coordinator of the Elmer child care centre


Gevel met nieuwe gevelbekleding

The Flemish Community Commission (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie or VGC) is the Dutch-language government body within the Brussels Capital Region and has over 1,200 staff. It is there not only for Dutch speakers in Brussels but for anyone interested in its services. The VGC seeks to improve the quality of life in the city. We support the Dutch-language network (N-netwerk) in Brussels, for instance. It includes Dutch-speaking:

  • Schools, community schools (brede scholen) and playgroups
  • Community centres, youth and sports associations, sociocultural associations
  • Libraries and other cultural initiatives
  • Initiatives for well-being, health, children, young people and seniors.

If you see our N-logo on schools, day care centres, libraries, sports centres and community centres, that means the organisation belongs to our network.