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FLOW, where many young people from the neighbourhood also got jobs, offers Brussels residents the opportunity to swim in safety at a location that had otherwise been neglected. FLOW is an outdoor swimming pool for everyone, and much more
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VGC playgroups in numbers

© Lander Loeckx
During the Easter and summer holidays, the VGC organizes playgroups in Brussels. The playgroups in 2021 (Easter and summer holidays) in numbers.
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Brussels full of language

The multilingualism of Brussels is unique. Dutch, French, English and the many different languages spoken at home offer many opportunities to children and young people to function multilingually. The various languages can strengthen and support each other.
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We carry on building schools

Dutch-speaking education in Brussels continues to grow. At the start of October 2021 we had over 50,000 pupils. That represents an increase of 1.7% compared with the previous school year.
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A true playground paradise

The Axibox is a 7-metre high indoor climbing system at the Aximax youth centre. Every school day, children from 2.5 years to 14 can come here to romp, sew, skateboard, dance, etc. A true playground paradise for children.
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“That’s why we do it”

Olivia, Hans, Cem, Eline en Anna. Five VGC employees talk about their job and how they work toward a better Brussels.
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Groenblauw bxl

© Atelier Groot Eiland
The urban renewal project Groenblauw bxl brings edible vegetation into the city, such as herbs, fruit and vegetables. Atelier Groot Eiland, for example, works with local residents and organisations to promote biodiversity in the southern area of Brussels’ city centre.
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200 years Dutch-speaking education in Brussels

With the ‘Van kabas tot rugzak’ exhibition, the Archive and Museum for the Flemish Living in Brussels (AMVB) told the story of the ups and downs of the 200-year history of Dutch education in Brussels.
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Enhancing job seekers’ competencies through training

© Christian Smits
At the end of 2021 there were over 100,000 job seekers in Brussels and 86,851 job vacancies. Good training courses are the key to being able to match supply and demand. Together with the training sector, the VGC supports potential employees in their quest for work, including those who have fewer opportunities on the labour market.
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Find your buddy with CoNnect Brussel

© Egmond Dobbelaere
Twice a month, buddies go for a walk together to explore Brussels, the Dutch-speaking programmes available and each other’s life experience. Who you are matched with and what you do together depends on your personal interests and expectations.
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