Bruss-it: Share-it, Reuse-it, Green-it, Activate-it

Bruss-it looks for projects that cooperate to create a sustainable and liveable city.

City makers develop their own ideas or ideas from the Stadspiratie participatory process to form a project. They can obtain a subsidy of up to EUR 15,000 to work on the topics Share-it, Reuse-it, Green-it and Activate-it. In 2021, 33 projects received a Bruss-it subsidy.

One of these is the ‘Buurtpensioen op stap’ project, a network of neighbours that works to promote the social inclusion of lonely or vulnerable elderly people. Another is the ‘ontdekkingstuin Kindermuseum’ (Children’s museum garden of discovery), an educational garden for playing, building and learning to garden, and where children can take part in cooking workshops and performances.

A jury of experts and committed Brussels residents assesses the projects.

In a metropolitan dynamic especially, keeping a finger on the pulse is a challenge for the authorities. In my view, the Bruss-it format is an original and accessible outcome resulting from this exercise. 

Ronald Crouzé – Bruss-it jury member