Combating poverty in school

The purchase of school books, gym clothes and other school supplies can weigh heavily on the budgets of families who are in financial difficulty. Therefore, schools have received new subsidies to reduce the school costs for families living in poverty. With this subsidy, schools have paid for things like school books, meals, excursions, day care and unpaid school bills.

With the subsidy, the VGC intends to encourage schools to think critically about the cost of mandatory school supplies. The VGC provides Dutch-speaking Brussels schools with concrete support to work out a cost policy that takes poverty into consideration. Since the beginning of 2021, the Brussels Education Centre (Onderwijscentrum Brussel)  has been working with the non-profit association 'vzw Krijt' for that. For the purposes of this contribution to school costs, the VGC sets aside EUR 750,000 per year