Enhancing job seekers’ competencies through training

At the end of 2021 there were over 100,000 job seekers in Brussels and 86,851 job vacancies. Good training courses are the key to being able to match supply and demand. Together with the training sector, the VGC supports potential employees in their quest for work, including those who have fewer opportunities on the labour market.

Via the ‘Brussel aan de slag’ (Brussels at work) participatory project, the Dutch-language training sector in Brussels can share its concerns and help think about targeted solutions to make the sector even stronger. Together with Tracé Brussel, the board member with responsibility for Education spoke with 18 Brussels partners from the training sector. In two sessions, they discussed the needs and challenges in the field of training, work experience, dual learning and other new learning pathways.

© Christian Smits

"What role do the Dutch-speaking partners and professional sectors play in the Brussels training landscape? How can young people in Brussels be made more aware of dual training courses (combination of learning and working)? How can we remove barriers in insertion processes?" All concrete policy topics and social challenges calling for an appropriate approach.

In early 2022, we tested the findings and ideas from these rounds against the experiences of about ten employers and institutional partners in the field during an online session. The results of ‘Brussel aan de slag’ form the foundation for broad-based and workable solutions and a concrete action plan.

'Brussel aan de slag' was a fascinating moment of exchange and time and again acquaintance with partners. This has already resulted in concrete collaborations. Eva De Smedt - vzw FIX

© Christian Smits