Find your buddy with CoNnect Brussel

Building up a life in a new country is easier if you know your neighbours. That is why CoNnect Brussel brings together new and not so new Brussels residents.

Twice a month, buddies go for a walk together to explore Brussels, the Dutch-speaking programmes available and each other’s life experience. Who you are matched with and what you do together depends on your personal interests and expectations. Eva and Alvine are buddies via CoNnect Brussel.

Alvine Tchabong

After three years in Brussels, I didn’t know anyone in the city other than a few people at the university. Via ‘bon’, the Brussels Reception Agency, I found out about CoNnect Brussel. I was very interested. I was hoping to make new friends and practice my Dutch. Since last month, I now have a buddy. We get along very well. I have also recommended CoNnect to another friend.

© Egmond Dobbelaere

Would you like to take part? More information is available on CoNnect | Flemish Community Commission (

This project is a collaboration of the VGC and the FMDO (Federation of Global & Democratic Organizations), among others.