FLOW is an outdoor swimming pool for everyone, and much more

“Everyone looks for ways to cool off on a hot summer’s day in Brussels. The social aspect is very important when it comes to outdoor swimming. You spend most of your time not in but around the water: sunbathing, reading, chatting with friends. A mother and her child may not necessarily want to swim. But the deck with a view of the canal, and the programming around the pool, make for a good time for them, too. The films, music and other activities draw in people who might not otherwise come”, says Paul Steinbrück of FLOW.

FLOW, where many young people from the neighbourhood also got jobs, offers Brussels residents the opportunity to swim in safety at a location that had otherwise been neglected.

An outdoor swimming pool in Brussels. Brussels is the only European capital without an outdoor swimming pool. It would be nice if this could change. - Viola W.– an idea out of Stadspiratie                                              

Mensen in openluchtzwembad