Foyer informs and raises awareness about vaccination in several languages

It is more difficult to reach people who speak other languages with information about the COVID-19 vaccine. Non-profit association Foyer therefore informs Brussels residents from a migrant background and raises their awareness, with the support of the VGC. Foyer draws on prominent figures for the purpose, who themselves come from a variety of communities.

 When communicating about the coronavirus and vaccination, it is very important to have a feel for what is going on in a community and what can motivate them.

Loredana Marchi, director Foyer vzw

Foyer also put out easy to understand videos in various languages discussing vaccination and the coronavirus measures, and staffed a telephone hotline for questions about vaccination. In the first half of 2021, there were more than 1000 telephone calls about vaccination and more than 350 organizations were contacted.

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