The urban renewal project Groenblauw bxl (greenblue bxl) brings edible vegetation into the city, such as herbs, fruit and vegetables. Atelier Groot Eiland  for example, works with local residents and organisations to promote biodiversity in the southern area of Brussels’ city centre.

In 2021, seven neighbourhood structures received an insect hotel, nesting box and plants. A meeting place was established in the vegetable garden at Atelier Groot Eiland for sustainable education activities. Edible vegetation is grown in the playground at De Kleurdoos primary school and a fun installation collects rain water.

Would you like to start your own green-blue project with your neighbours or organisation? The bilingual website provides files containing practical details with step-by-step plans and information about the various kinds of edible vegetation.

More green for people and animals is important for biodiversity, peace and quiet, cooling and water collection. Stadspiratie idea.

Groenblauw bxl responds to ideas from Stadspiratie.  

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