Staycation brings people together

The Union neighbourhood committee in Vorst/Forest brought neighbours together during the summer of 2021 via the ‘Union’ Staycation project. Joris recounts:

“Via Staycation, we wanted to show that fun for young and old can be combined with less traffic. So we took over the streets for a few days to hold play afternoons for the little kids, a homemade bench was available for neighbourly chats, movie screenings, etc. This gave people who were spending the holidays at home a feeling of being on holiday. Despite the showers, people enjoyed it. We would of course like to repeat these initiatives for we would like to see less transit traffic in our area, more recreational spaces and opportunities to meet each other. So we are trying to persuade the municipality to take action.”

Like the Union neighbourhood committee, many other Brussels residents organized ‘Staycations’, including the city’s Community centres (De Brusselse Gemeenschapscentra).