“That’s why we do it”

Five VGC employees talk about their job and how they work toward a better Brussels. 

Olivia De Sutter, educational support worker, age 28

“At ‘Opgroeien in Brussel’ (growing up in Brussels), I support child care professionals. With our ‘VUURWERKt’ toolbox, we focused on satisfaction at work.”

Hans Bogaerts, graphic designer, age 40

“For the design of graphic material, I drew inspiration from the city where I live. Brussels residents can therefore recognize us and feel like taking part in our offer.”

Cem Aydogan , socio-cultural worker at community centre De Platoo, age 28

“I organize activities for residents and schools in and around Koekelberg and contribute to the Plazey festival. I love the variety and responsibility.”

Elin Arijs, educational support worker, age 35

“I support teachers in offering pupils the best possible opportunities for development. Seeing that my work is bearing fruit, makes it a really great job.”

Anna Katumua, administrative support worker in Personnel & HRM, age 35

“Our team seeks to recruit the right people for the VGC. People who want to contribute to Brussels. The best part of my job is its versatility.”