VUURWERKt, a toolbox for satisfaction at work

The coronavirus crisis required additional flexibility and resilience on the part of day care workers. For this reason, Opgroeien in Brussel (OIB, Growing up in Brussels) put together a toolbox to enhance the satisfaction of day care staff and managers at work. The box contained 72 activities, divided into 5 factors for happiness.

Kristien, head of the Vekemans day care centre, is enthusiastic: “We welcomed 4 new staff members this year. The activities of VUURWERKt came in handy on our team-building day, helping us to get to know each other better and to decide what path we want to take as a team.”

Jolien, educational coach at the Kraakje day care centre, has also used the toolbox: 

Tears were flowing during the VUURWERKt activities, but we got to know and understand each other better.

The supporters of OIB went by bike to each day care centre and IBO (after-school day care initiative) to give them a free copy.